Mighty Cold Towel
15-20 degrees
below the air
Lasts for two to five
Innovator Brands
Mighty Cold Towel
Wet it,Wave it,
Wear it

1. Wet the towel thoroughly

2. Squeeze out the excess (do
not wring)

3. Wave or snap the towel to
make it cool.

The temperature will remain up
to 20% below the ambient
temperature for 2-5 hours.

4. When the towel dries, it will
become warm. Wet and repeat
step 1 to 3 to reactivate.

5. After each use, wash and
rinse the towel thoroughly by
hand or machine. Use warm
water and a mild detergent,
Wring by hand, or spin dry and
return the towel to its tube or a
zip lock bag. The towel is best
stored moist and clean. ( NEVER

Store the towel in the tube damp
and clean for future use.