John and Maribeth,

We are so excited here in Band Land!  Our
first case of Might Cold Towels is almost
gone and we have not even had a chance
to hit our target audience!

Therefore we need to order another case of
them to be shipped to our address.  
Please call me.

Thanks and have a great day!
My husband & I attended a Car Show @
Palmer Auditorium a couple of weeks ago in
Austin, TX, and had the pleasure of meeting
up with your representatives that were selling
this towel.

We never heard of it before, so we thought it
best to buy a couple of them and try them
out before we went to the expense to buy
multiple ones,
not knowing if they work. They do! We gave
one to my mother, who is 84 years old, and
still enjoys playing some golf once a week.
Knowing how high the temp. & humidity get,
she used it twice this past week.  
Austin Texas
At a recent
event EMS
used the  
Mighty Cold
Towel to assist
a patron with
heat stress
bought the
Mighty Cold
15-20 degrees below
the air temperature.
Lasts for two to five
Innovator Brands
Mighty Cold Towel
Wet it,Wave it,
Wear it